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Peace of Mind Family Day Care has a belief in the benefits of a learning community.  We believe in offering ongoing training, and personal and professional development, for our educators and staff.  Even though educators work from their own homes, they are all part of our valued team.  Being able to connect with like minded people - when and how it suits you most.

Professional Development

We value ongoing learning and the positive impacts it can have on educators and their sense of identity and achievement.  We offer a variety of professional development opportunities throughout the year, includingour popular day conferences, and the more informal Yarning Circles.

We share links to outsourced opportunities too, and offer the occasional social networking opportunity too. 

Our educators maintain current Child Protection training each year.

Our day conferences, which include a delicious lunch and sessions facilitated by industry experts is included in your educator levy - there are no additional costs to educators for trainings hosted by the scheme.

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Collaboration & Networking

 Although currently halted, our Playgroup will recommence when we have settled in our new premises mid 2021.

Educators that are not local to the scheme office can still take advantage of our networking opportunities via a private Facebook page that is for our team only.

This group page is a place where educators can have professional conversations, reflect on practice and share challenges and ideas with other professionals. 

We also occasionally add a zoom link to our Yarning Circle evenings and can also arrange to facilitate sessions in an educators home with their own local network.

Our Practice Mentors routinely organise meet & greets at local parks or community venues to maintain those important social links for educators who like to network.


Cert III or Diploma Study Providers

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Professional Development

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Research & Development

Below are a few links to blogs, articles, websites and clips to from very experienced educators who share our values for children....

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