Family Day Care & Kindergarten


Kindergarten originally was intended to support young children transitioning to school - when typically they had not been in a care service before... and also as a means to help parents participate in the workforce. 

Today, many children experience some form of early childhood care before they reach the usual "kindergarten" age of around 4 years.

Kindergarten programs are all about supporting and enhancing the learning dispositions of little people - things like curiosity, independence, confidence, emotional intelligence, social adaptability and lots more.

Family Day Care and other care services, including Kindergarten Programs, all operate beneath the same National Curriculum - The Early Years Learning Framework.

FDC educators offer the same fundamental elements of a Kindergarten program within their own services.

Talk to our service team about how Kindy works in FDC.  Another option for some families is to attend a sessional Kindergarten Program in and around their FDC attendance.  The choice is yours.

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