Enrolment Information for Families

Contact the scheme office on 3888 5558 or email your care enquiry to info@peaceofmindfdc.com  

We share your requirements with our available educators and can help you make an interview time.  Some family day care educators may have an opportunity to meet your needs immediately, while others may have a wait list.

After you interview possible educator/s and have selected the most suitable service, you will need to formally enroll with the scheme.  From 2021, Peace of Mind Family Day Care will be transitioning to online enrolment.  Please bear with us initially as we work through any teething until we are able to transition fully to enrolment via our Harmony attendance program.  Your educator, and our team, will be there to assist you at any time.

Enrolment Forms must be completed at least 1 week prior to commencement, this is to allow us time to process all information for you, to avoid delays linking your enrolment with Centrelink.  We can only process fully completed documents so please be sure to put information in every required space - even if the answer is N/A.

Your child/s enrolment form will ask for a range of information.  We have listed it below in case you need to get details beforehand.

  • your child's full name, gender, address, CRN number (from Centrelink), date of birth

  • starting date of care

  • details about the child's guardians - their full name, address, CRN number, date of birth, contact phone numbers, email address, work status and which guardian is claiming Child Care Subsidy (CCS), if any.

  • details of authorized emergency/nominee contacts - their full name, address, relationship to the child, contact phone numbers, email address (don't forget to tick what authority you are nominating for each contact)

  • details of your child's health information - doctor's details, immunization status*, medicare and/or private health information and if there is any other relevant health information.  If there is other health information, you will be asked to detail and attach relevant documents (eg.  Action Plans, Doctor/Specialist Letters)

  • details of any court orders, parenting orders or parenting plans.  If this is applicable, you will be asked to attach the relevant document/s

  • details of any special considerations - e.g. cultural, religious or dietary requirements or additional needs

  • details of your child's cultural background, language spoken at home


You will also be asked to record your agreed care booking - the hours and days that you need for care.  Finally, at the end, you sign the form and the blanket consent area.

* strictly for child care subsidy purposes.

When the enrolment form is processed and everything is in place... your child will be ready to start their big adventure, with the care and support of their new educator.